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Chinese "Growth" story

Not everything that is said about the Chinese economy seems true. Here come two articles shattering the modern myths that have been built around the middle kingdom.

   Andy Xie's article makes for some grim reading for the China-maniacs:
1. "A likely dip for the Anglo-Saxon economies next year will underscore these truths. The same goes for anyone who thinks China's latest real estate bubble, asset borrowing and shadow banking system are worthwhile substitutes for real economic growth."

2. "Japan's household sector has indeed de-levered. Its debt at 69 percent of GDP is one of the lowest among developed economies."
   This means that the other "developed" economies have a household debt of higher than 69%!!!

Real estate bubble in China:

New Austerity Measures of the UPA government

After the austerity measures announced with so much of fanfare by the government, here comes another measure which is right in tune with the "austere" ways of the UPA government. One is at a loss when one asks the question as to why MPs/Ministers need to take with them:

the spouse or legitimate children or step-children, as also the Minister's companions or relatives, to travel on their own or with the Minister.
 Why not extend this "austerity" measure to their "illegitimate" children too!!! Specially because this bill was passed without as much as a whimper.

Minority appeasement under the UPA rule

Seems like the UPA will leave no stone unturned to appease the minorities. New schemes for minorities now after the report by Ranganath Mishra commission. Where are we headed?

Second partition of India inevitable?

Going by the divisive policies and unabated appeasement of minorities one is forced to think that the current government is going down the ruinous path that the Britishers trod. How is it that the former perpetrators (muslims) of atrocities on scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and OBCs (please read "Growth of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Medieval India by K. S. Lal) have come to be equated with the victims?

Spend 9 years in jail to achieve "sAttvika bhAva"... what a conclusion Sir Ji!!!

Pinarayi Vijayan on Mohammed Naser Madani: A person having spent 9 years in jail acquires "sAttvika bhAva". After all, Pinarayi may himself acquire such bhAva after being convicted in the Lavalin case! The video is in malayALam. In kannaDa there is a proverb: "hAgalkAyige bEvinkAyi sAkShi" i.e. "the neem fruit is a witness for the bitter gourd" (the drift being that both are bitter and hence one standing as a witness for the other.)

Please find some more nuggets of wisdom in this video:

The great communist hubris gone awry

What is 1000 equal to? 10 raised to three? Well, you may be executed for being a strict mathematician in North Korea, as now, 1000 is now equal to 10 raised to 1. The great levellers of the world not only level societies, they also level currencies. One is forced to ask, why have burgeois currencies like 10 Won at all? Why not have just 1 Won? Won't it be a Won-Won situation for all? For more details of the latest mathematical research by Professor Kim Jong Il, please refer to the following report:

China's sabre rattling We need to have a strong policy against China's growing belligerence. Indian authorities should apologise to the nation for having capitulated to Chinese pressure and having stopped construction of the road to Demchok. Seems like China is spoiling for a war to stave off its internal crisis wrought by the collapse of the US consumerist economy.