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Shameless offstumped (Niticentral) behaving as the hitmen of Nestle

1. The article is full of logical fallacies. The cleverest way to counter sound argument is to introduce material which is not core to it. This is what the mandarins of Offstumped seem to be learning. Sorry to convey to them the news that they have failed miserably. The whole article is filled with material which is not related in any way to the question at hand. The question at hand is whether maggi which contains mono sodium glutamate (MSG) and lead is harmful  to people or not (and hence deserving a ban or not).
2. The standard method of making rats diabetic in lab experiments is to feed them MSG. This is what the half literate Offstumped writers should get into their thick skulls.
3. If lead were safe, why would we have unleaded petrol as a standard across the world? Still, offstumped will have us believe "Why go after trace quantities of lead in noodles when our air and…