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Chinese "Growth" story

Not everything that is said about the Chinese economy seems true. Here come two articles shattering the modern myths that have been built around the middle kingdom.

   Andy Xie's article makes for some grim reading for the China-maniacs:
1. "A likely dip for the Anglo-Saxon economies next year will underscore these truths. The same goes for anyone who thinks China's latest real estate bubble, asset borrowing and shadow banking system are worthwhile substitutes for real economic growth."

2. "Japan's household sector has indeed de-levered. Its debt at 69 percent of GDP is one of the lowest among developed economies."
   This means that the other "developed" economies have a household debt of higher than 69%!!!

Real estate bubble in China:

New Austerity Measures of the UPA government

After the austerity measures announced with so much of fanfare by the government, here comes another measure which is right in tune with the "austere" ways of the UPA government. One is at a loss when one asks the question as to why MPs/Ministers need to take with them:

the spouse or legitimate children or step-children, as also the Minister's companions or relatives, to travel on their own or with the Minister.
 Why not extend this "austerity" measure to their "illegitimate" children too!!! Specially because this bill was passed without as much as a whimper.

Minority appeasement under the UPA rule

Seems like the UPA will leave no stone unturned to appease the minorities. New schemes for minorities now after the report by Ranganath Mishra commission. Where are we headed?

Second partition of India inevitable?

Going by the divisive policies and unabated appeasement of minorities one is forced to think that the current government is going down the ruinous path that the Britishers trod. How is it that the former perpetrators (muslims) of atrocities on scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and OBCs (please read "Growth of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Medieval India by K. S. Lal) have come to be equated with the victims?

Spend 9 years in jail to achieve "sAttvika bhAva"... what a conclusion Sir Ji!!!

Pinarayi Vijayan on Mohammed Naser Madani: A person having spent 9 years in jail acquires "sAttvika bhAva". After all, Pinarayi may himself acquire such bhAva after being convicted in the Lavalin case! The video is in malayALam. In kannaDa there is a proverb: "hAgalkAyige bEvinkAyi sAkShi" i.e. "the neem fruit is a witness for the bitter gourd" (the drift being that both are bitter and hence one standing as a witness for the other.)

Please find some more nuggets of wisdom in this video:

The great communist hubris gone awry

What is 1000 equal to? 10 raised to three? Well, you may be executed for being a strict mathematician in North Korea, as now, 1000 is now equal to 10 raised to 1. The great levellers of the world not only level societies, they also level currencies. One is forced to ask, why have burgeois currencies like 10 Won at all? Why not have just 1 Won? Won't it be a Won-Won situation for all? For more details of the latest mathematical research by Professor Kim Jong Il, please refer to the following report:

China's sabre rattling We need to have a strong policy against China's growing belligerence. Indian authorities should apologise to the nation for having capitulated to Chinese pressure and having stopped construction of the road to Demchok. Seems like China is spoiling for a war to stave off its internal crisis wrought by the collapse of the US consumerist economy.

Anti Hindu video

Akbaruddin owaisi on Narasimha Rao's death. Note his words, he says: "Good that the person (PV Narasimha Rao) died. If it were in my power, I would have killed him myself." I assume that we are living in a "civilized" society with limits on freedom of expression. How come this sort of a rabble rouser has never been arrested for this kind of a hate speech?

In particular, he uses Islamic swear words like "kafir" and "mushrik" freely... Long live our "composite culture"

normal borlaug dies

Long live the harbinger of "green revolution"

Chinese Belligerence

Seems like China has decided its a time to go for the kill. We are sure that the spineless government will bend over backwards to please China.

Why did Left lose in keraLam?

A hilarious youtube video which shows the typical strategy of commies in not talking straight and taking recourse to gobbledygook when at a loss for answers. The words in the video are in sanskritized malayALam, you will enjoy it even if you don't understand it fully. Just pay attention to the gibberish.

Pakistan crumbling - III

Pakistan's main nuclear andmilitary complexes are within miles of the capital, which is only 60 miles (and that's only "as the crow flies" assured Pakistan's envoy to US Hussain Haqqani) from Buner. If the extremists who are promising to be hospitable to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida take control of Islamabad and get their radical hands on the nukes

The communists and their dirty money!

"The other principal source of the CPM's income — the "levy" each member must pay the party every month, quarter or year depending on his pattern of earning — nearly tripled from Rs 6.17 crore in 2001-02 to Rs 16.77 crore in 2005-06. In the one year between March 31, 2005, and March 31, 2006, its levy collection rose by over 30 per cent."

   The euphemism "Levy" is something the autorikshaw drivers of Kolkata are pretty well exposed to. One has to just go to Kolkata to see the scientific extortion business of Communist Party of India Marxist (CPM). It is something like this... any autorikshaw driver plying a route (say the route going from tollygunge tram station to say, Malancha cinema) should pay a part of his income every day to the local CPM office and renew his "certificate". In case any autorikshaw doesn't display the "certificate" on its windshield, it …

Pakistan crumbling - II

Seems like there is nothing to stop the Taliban takeover of Pakistan. Here is a report from the Pakistani daily "Dawn"

Mindset of the "Ordinary Pakistani"

This is an interesting video. We are often told (by the pinkos, commies, etc.) that the "ordinary pakistani" has only love towards India. This video is a beautiful demonstration that the "ordinary pakistani" will always follow the "dominant" political discourse, no matter what his/her heart says.

See how the girls who took an anti-India position during their debate completely changed their position once they were out of the debate. When asked why, they say that this is the "dominant" discourse in Pakistan and following the "dominant" discourse will always have better results in a debate.. From this one can conclude a simple thing... It doesn't matter what the masses think. What matters is what is the "dominant" discourse in the political/intellectual circles. The dominant discourse in Pakistan is Hindu hate. It will never change until there is a big catharsis in the thinking of the "ordinary" Pakistani.

Pakistan crumbling - I

The beginning of the end of a nation state founded on hindu hate has begun. We wait for the day when this evil state crumbles fully. Taliban is 100 KM away from Islamabad and the end might come sooner than we expect it. See the video to know how Taliban is gun running in Pakistan

Food grains: India facing a problem of plenty

Some great news to cheer about. However, The Financial Express wishes to see this as a problem.

"India's food economy is looking at a problem of plenty. Government granaries are holding quantities of wheat and rice far above their buffer norms. Plus, wheat production in 2009 is estimated to be a near-record 78 million tonnes. Government wheat stocks in the central pool on February 1, 2009 are estimated to be 20.19 million tonnes, while rice stocks are estimated to be 16.77 million tonnes. Wheat stocks on April 1, 2009 is expected to be around 10.31 million tonnes, far above the year-ending buffer requirement of 4.0 million tonnes, while rice stocks on October 1, 2009 are projected to be 5.91 million tonnes, more than the norm of 5.2 million tonnes. High inventories have already created a storage problem for Food Corporation of India (FCI). Storage will be a bigger problem when the new rabi proc…

Who will sack Renuka Chowdhury?

A member of the National Commission for Women, Nirmala Venkatesh is sacked on the charge that her report was biased and dereliction of duty. One wonders who will sack Renuka Chowdhury for asking the women in India to do a "Pub Bharo". "Nirmala Venkatesh was a flaw in the system"? What are you Ms. Chowdhury? Or is it that in todays democracy some flaws are more equal than others?
"Nirmala Venkatesh was a flaw in the system: Renuka Chowdhury
Sat, Feb 28 08:20 PM New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhury Saturday said Nirmala Venkatesh, the sacked member of National Commission for Women (NCW), was a 'flaw in the system'."

ATS playing political games?

Under whose influence was the ATS acting when it didn't chargesheet Sadiq for his role in Mumbai Train Blasts? How is it that the same ATS which acted with such a hurry to sully the reputation of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit drag its feet in chargesheeting Sadiq?

"MUMBAI: Indian Mujahideen's (IM) top operative Sadiq Sheikh's confession on his alleged role in the July 11, 2006 serial Mumbai train blasts has come as a huge embarrassment to the Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad. Two years ago, the ATS had chargesheeted 13 people but Sadiq and other members of IM module were not named as conspirators. "

Islamist Techie remanded to Judicial custody

We have bleeding heart liberals in India who say that Islamists take to terrorism owing to economic deprivation. Well, here is a Techie-Islamist-yahoo for you (the techie islamist was working in yahoo and took his company's name a bit too seriously! What is more, the relationship of the Techie with yahoo-dom is so deep that a few letters of his name can be rearranged to get "yahoo"!)

Mohammed Mansoor Ashgar Peerbhoy, the computer engineer, accused of sending emails on behalf of Indian Mujahideen about several blasts in the country, was on Saturday sent to ten days police custody by a Delhi Court.
Peerbhoy, a former employee of Yahoo India, was brought to the capital by Delhi Police's special cell...

And the Oscar goes to...

An article by Anil Athale about Oscars and the inferiority complex of Indians.

Sexual Exploitation of nuns in the Christian Church as narrated by a nun called Sister Jesmi in her autobiography

Nun recalls sexual abuse horror
20 Feb 2009, 0641 hrs IST, Ananthakrishnan G, TNN

"THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The explosive life story of a Kerala nun, 'Amen - Oru Kanyasthreeyude Atmakatha' (Amen Autobiography of a Nun), by Sister Jesmi, is selling briskly in the state with its publishers having ordered a third reprint of 2,000 copies within weeks of its release.

Not long ago, a study had claimed that 25% nuns were unhappy in convents. Now, there's more embarrassment for the church with Sister Jesmi, once associated with the Congregation of Mother of Carmel under the Catholic Church, recounting her harrowing ecclesiastical life in the autobiography which, she says, forced her to leave the convent. The revelations could further rattle the clergy that's already in a spot with the Abhaya murder case."

Review of "Koba the dread"

The following link contains a review of a book called "Koba the dread" written by Martin Amis. Koba = Stalin, the perpetrator of a holocaust having few equals in the history of humanity.

Pakistanis detained on charges of financing terrorism

Jan 20 (DPA) Spanish police Tuesday detained six Pakistanis on suspicion of tax evasion and of financing Islamist terrorism, judicial sources said.

Advani on web - Aren't you tired of the Old face?

Among the first things Mr. aDvAni did after bringing up his blog was to defend his comments on Jinnah made during his pakistan visit. This goes to show what his priorities are. The youth of the country should wake up and tell the old man that he is beyond the age of retirement and his senility is telling upon his judgements about historical murderers.

   One is aghast at the pretentiousness of Mr. aDvAni when he believes shri ranganAthAnanda saying "The true exposition of the meaning of secularism can be found in this speech." wow! exposition of the meaning of "secularism" from the mass murderer notorious for his "day of direct action". Either shri ranganAthAnanda was foolish or malicious to have said such a thing. And what did shri ranganAthAnanda do? he fled the same place (karachi, pakistan), whose founding father's speech he was lauding as a "true exposition of the meaning of secularism". And aDvAni chooses to take his words at face va…

abdullakuTTi of CPM has words of praise modi

An honest comment about a sworn adversary, howsoever grudgingly made needs to be welcomed and appreciated. Modi, who has been projected by the communists and their sidekicks - the "secular" press - as the embodiment of all evil accumulated after Hitler has been going great guns. His recent "converts" include the ad-man Suhel Seth.
In his five-page written reply to Kannur district leadership of the party, A P Abdullakutty, CPI-M MP from Kerala, said Modi's efforts towards economic development of Gujarat were praiseworthy.