Mindset of the "Ordinary Pakistani"

This is an interesting video. We are often told (by the pinkos, commies, etc.) that the "ordinary pakistani" has only love towards India. This video is a beautiful demonstration that the "ordinary pakistani" will always follow the "dominant" political discourse, no matter what his/her heart says.

See how the girls who took an anti-India position during their debate completely changed their position once they were out of the debate. When asked why, they say that this is the "dominant" discourse in Pakistan and following the "dominant" discourse will always have better results in a debate.. From this one can conclude a simple thing... It doesn't matter what the masses think. What matters is what is the "dominant" discourse in the political/intellectual circles. The dominant discourse in Pakistan is Hindu hate. It will never change until there is a big catharsis in the thinking of the "ordinary" Pakistani.

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