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In defence of the principle of "cure"

Learned readers may kindly read a rant by a Nobel laureate about Homoeopathy here.

We don't know what right a chemist has in commenting about issues which are way beyond his arrogant grasp. We wish to bring the following to the notice of the scientist.
1. Many times in medicine, it is not enough for a thing to be "scientifically" sound. This is because the large majority of people in the world don't care about "science". Even if the scientists look down upon the placebo effect, it is a very important factor in curing a vast majority. We are our minds. We are not machines. Please read Gemma Burford defending the right of people to the placebo effect here.
2. For all the arrogance of science, the scientists don't have "cures" for common illnesses which have been developed from first principles. When an allopath gives one paracetamol for cold, he isn't doing so thinking that the front side of the paracetamol molecule will hit the face of the…