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GM Mustard, a solution for nonexistent problems

The GM Mustard selloff Some questions / observations on the GM Mustard issue: 1. No equivalence between grafting and GM foods. In grafting, genes aren't modified. 2. GM crops have the capability to kill bees. If you kill bees and other insects, your can say bye bye bye to pollination. There will be global food crisis. 3. Monsanto, currently Bayer, implants the Terminator gene into seeds. Hence, for every crop, farmers have to go back to the company to buy seeds. This is the game. They want to control seed supply. This is against liberty and food security. 4. The GM crop, once in the field, can contaminate non GM crop through pollination. Hence the risk is much more amplified. What if suppose tomorrow the scientists discover that the inserted gene was causing autism or cancer, will it be possible to retrospectively remove the gene from all crops everywhere in the world? 5. GM Mustard is a solution to a non existing problem. The crop is hardy and not prone to any major problems. Th…