Sexual Exploitation of nuns in the Christian Church as narrated by a nun called Sister Jesmi in her autobiography

Nun recalls sexual abuse horror
20 Feb 2009, 0641 hrs IST, Ananthakrishnan G, TNN

"THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The explosive life story of a Kerala nun, 'Amen - Oru Kanyasthreeyude Atmakatha' (Amen Autobiography of a Nun), by Sister Jesmi, is selling briskly in the state with its publishers having ordered a third reprint of 2,000 copies within weeks of its release.

Not long ago, a study had claimed that 25% nuns were unhappy in convents. Now, there's more embarrassment for the church with Sister Jesmi, once associated with the Congregation of Mother of Carmel under the Catholic Church, recounting her harrowing ecclesiastical life in the autobiography which, she says, forced her to leave the convent. The revelations could further rattle the clergy that's already in a spot with the Abhaya murder case."

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