Advani on web - Aren't you tired of the Old face?

   Among the first things Mr. aDvAni did after bringing up his blog was to defend his comments on Jinnah made during his pakistan visit. This goes to show what his priorities are. The youth of the country should wake up and tell the old man that he is beyond the age of retirement and his senility is telling upon his judgements about historical murderers.

   One is aghast at the pretentiousness of Mr. aDvAni when he believes shri ranganAthAnanda saying "The true exposition of the meaning of secularism can be found in this speech." wow! exposition of the meaning of "secularism" from the mass murderer notorious for his "day of direct action". Either shri ranganAthAnanda was foolish or malicious to have said such a thing. And what did shri ranganAthAnanda do? he fled the same place (karachi, pakistan), whose founding father's speech he was lauding as a "true exposition of the meaning of secularism". And aDvAni chooses to take his words at face value. Is there no hope for the hindus? is it necessary that every prime minister or a prime ministerial aspirant has to turn to become a Islamic appeaser?

   Please read the old man repeat the same inanities about his jinnah comment here:

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