bhArAvatArastavaH harihara-bheda-bhAra-avatAriNii-Tiikopetam - shloka 2

The bhArAvatAra stavaH is a recent work of Shri Shankar R, a modern poet of Sanskrit. The work composes of 50 shlokas in praise of Shiva. The hari-hara-bheda-bhAra-avatAriNii Tiika is a Tiika on the above work by Shri Shrivathsa. B., a person who is passionate about samskR^itam especially the Tiika tradition. An effort has been made to view the stotra (hymn in praise) of shiva as a stotra of viShNu. The name of the Tiika literally means: the Tiika which removes a burden. The burden is the bheda buddhi (attitude of seeing as different) shiva and viShNu.

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